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VFFS and Rotary Packing Machine

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The vffs and rotary packing machine is suitable for filling liquids such as juices, condiments, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides, pharmaceutical products, petroleum products, etc. The main motor and the bottle conveyor belt are all frequency-controlled and easy to operate. It uses an ultrasonic liquid level control system to effectively control the liquid level in the cylinder, making the filling process more stable and accurate.
It has a filling valve safety device: when the valve is blocked, the high-pressure liquid can be released from the safety device to protect the valve body from damage. It also has precise filling volume adjustment devices and mechanical and electrical overload automatic protection devices. Automatic bottle inspection system: Check if the conveyor belt is delivered and automatically turned on or off (customer optional).
The filling of the valve mouth and the liquid surface at the same time during the filling process can also be designed according to the category of the bottle and the material liquid, and the filling of the valve mouth into or out of the liquid can be effectively avoided, thereby effectively avoiding the phenomenon of liquid foaming. Automatically monitor whether there is a bottle under each filling valve, and automatically control the opening of the filling valve, automatically avoiding the filling of the material without bottle filling.
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