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The food vacuum packaging puts the food into the packaging bag, and extracts the air in the packaging bag to reach a predetermined vacuum degree, and then completes the sealing process.
Features of vacuum chamber
1. In and out mode: forward right out;
2. The compression vacuum packaging machine uses a hot box to fix the instant heating method to save energy;
3. Special electric heating arrangement, even heat distribution;
4. The body is small and has a small footprint;
5. It is suitable for small batch production and medium volume production. Vacuum packaging machines that can work with assembly lines to improve efficiency;
Work process of vacuum chamber
The vacuum chamber is closed, the vacuum pump works, the vacuum chamber starts to vacuum, the vacuum inside the packaging bag, the vacuum gauge pointer rises, reaches the rated vacuum (controlled by the time relay ISJ), the vacuum pump stops working, and the vacuum stops. While working under vacuum, the two-position three-way solenoid valve IDT works, heat seals the chamber vacuum, and the hot press holder remains in place.
Heat seal
IDT is broken, the outside atmosphere enters the heat-sealed air chamber through the upper air inlet hole, and the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealed air chamber is utilized, and the heat-sealed air chamber is inflated and expanded, so that the upper heat pressing frame is moved down, and the bag is pressed. At the same time, the transformer is heat-sealed and begins to seal; at the same time, the time relay 2SJ works, after a few seconds, the heat seal ends.
The two-position two-way solenoid valve 2DT is open, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the vacuum gauge pointer returns to zero, the hot press frame is reset by the return spring, and the vacuum chamber is opened.
The vacuum chamber is moved to another vacuum chamber, that is, the next working process is entered, and the left and right chambers are alternately operated, and the cycle is repeated.
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