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Vacuum bag, also known as body moisture-proof bag, aluminum foil bag, aluminum-plastic composite bag, its material is generally PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. Among them, PET--printing effect is good, NY--low oxygen permeability , AL - strong barrier, opaque, CPE - packaging inner layer.
1.vacuum bags should pay attention before and after inflation, do not let sharp objects scrape, it is best to carry out on the bed or on a clean desktop. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold them inside. Put it in your collection bag and store in a cabinet or other place
Also, pay attention to the presence of sharp objects in the storage location to ensure the integrity of the bag.
2. Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least 3-5 cm from the closure zipper, do not force large items into the bag.
3. To ensure the cleaning of the zipper part of the sealing, if there is fiber or dust, it will reduce the sealing performance. It is recommended to wipe the zipper with a damp cloth and then close the zipper. After closing the zipper, please hold the slide by hand and pull it back and forth several times at the seal to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are completely inserted into the groove to ensure the sealing effect.
4. When using the air pump, screw the screw interface of the pump to the bottom, and resist the white rubber gasket of the air suction port to ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface. When using the pump, be careful to draw continuously, preferably without stopping. It is best to have a vacuum cleaner in your home, which is labor-saving and convenient.
5. After pumping, please check the seal again to ensure the seal.
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