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Tea packing machines are suitable for automatic packaging of seeds, medicines, health products, tea and other materials. The machine can realize the simultaneous packaging of inner and outer bags, and can automatically complete the processes of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, slitting and counting.
Tea packing machines have functions such as moisture resistance, odor prevention, and preservation. Its wide range of packaging, instead of manual packaging, for the large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve packaging automation, improve the production efficiency of all walks of life, significantly reducing costs.
Working principle
1. Arrange the bag of items evenly on the sealing strip and place it under the bag.
2. Close a vacuum chamber, a little pressure, the entire packaging process from vacuum, sealing, printing, return air is controlled by electrical automatic program once.
3. While working in a vacuum chamber, another vacuum chamber can place the items. After the vacuum chamber is returned to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber to alternate the left and right chambers.
4. In the course of work, if abnormal phenomena are found, press the emergency stop button to return to the air in advance and work again.
5. When the work is suspended, put the lock switch in the "off" position. When the use is stopped, cut off the power supply and do the cleaning work.
Customized tea packing machines is also available in our factory. Feel free to buy high quality tea packing machines with professional suppliers here.