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Technical characteristics of tea bag packing machines
1. The bag type automatic packaging machine replaces the manual packaging, realizes packaging automation for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, improves the production efficiency of various industries and greatly reduces the cost.
2. The machine has a wide range of packaging, which can pack liquid, sauce, powder, granules and solid materials. It is only necessary to select different metering filling devices according to different materials.
3. The packaging bag has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite film.
4. Quickly change the specifications of the bag, and the width of the automatic bag device may be adjusted easily and quickly.
5. In line with the unsanitary standards of food processing machinery, parts on the machine that come into contact with materials or bags are processed with stainless steel or other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety.
6. The machine is equipped with a standard detection device, which can detect that the filling device is not filled without the package or the bag is not opened, and the heat sealing device is not sealed, thereby avoiding waste of packaging materials and raw materials.
7. The loss of packaging material is low. The machine uses pre-made packaging bags, the packaging bag has perfect pattern and the sealing quality is good, thus improving the product grade.
8. Frequency control, this machine uses frequency conversion speed control device, which can be adjusted freely within a certain range according to actual needs.
9. Easy to operate, adopt advanced PLC plus POD (touch screen) electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation.
10. The packaging machine automatically completes bag making, wire feeding, labeling, dosing, filling, sealing, slitting and counting.
Customized tea bag packing machines is also available in our factory. Feel free to buy high quality tea bag packing machines with professional suppliers here.