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The tea pack machine has functions such as automatic filling, bag making, wire bonding, labeling, heat sealing of the outer bag, and automatic counting. It meets food hygiene standards and is an ideal equipment for low cost and high efficiency in the tea and food industries.
Advantages of tea pack machine:
1. The outer wrapping paper is controlled by stepper motor, the bag length is stable and the positioning is accurate;
2. It uses PID to adjust the temperature controller, and the temperature control is more accurate;
3. It is controlled by PLC control machine, human-machine interface display, easy to operate;
4. All envelope tea packaging machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is a reliable guarantee for health care products;
5. Some working cylinders use imported parts to ensure the accuracy and stability of their work;
6. The automatic inner filter bag and the outer envelope tea packaging machine can complete the functions of flat cutting, date printing and easy tearing.
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