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Polishing Machine

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The polishing machine is a new generation of grain machinery that has been developed and upgraded for many years and has advanced scientific and technological content. Products have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.
Through the processing of the polishing machine, the powder in the rice can be effectively removed, the antioxidant capacity of the rice can be improved, and the finished rice can be cleaned and translucent, and the fresh-keeping period can be extended, and the rice can be eaten as a rice-free rice.
1. It has multiple spray devices, and the mist particles are extremely fine, which makes the polished rice surface smooth and translucent, greatly improving the commodity value of rice. 2. The design is novel, the shape is beautiful, the operation is convenient, and the mechanical performance is stable and reliable.
3. Stainless steel polishing rolls and high wear-resistant stainless steel screens enhance the polishing effect of rice.
JIALONG is the best polishing machine suppliers as well as factory, supporting customized service. Please rest assured to buy high quality polishing machine here. You will get the best product experience.