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The flow weigher consists of a bracket, a feed hopper, a pressure sensor and a motor-driven transmission. The utility model is characterized in that: the upper and lower transmission shafts fixed on the bracket and the door shaft fixed at the upper end of the discharge door side are respectively inserted into the feeding hopper and the weighing hopper, the lower end of the side panel of the discharging door and the curved door.
The bottom plate is connected, and the upper and lower cams are in fixed contact with the pulleys fixed to the side plate of the discharge door, respectively, at both ends of the upper and lower transmission shafts.
The upper and lower ends of the upper and lower transmission shafts are fixed with upper and lower sprocket wheels, and the sprocket is connected by a chain to the motor shaft wheel. The flow weigher of the utility model has the advantages of high transmission precision and accurate measurement.
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