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Photoelectric color sorter is a kind of non-destructive sorting equipment for quality inspection and grading of bulk materials. It has wide application in food, pigment chemical industry and other industries.
It is suitable for sorting recycled plastic sheets, plastic granules, corn, various kinds of beans, various rice, ore, pepper, pepper, garlic, melon seeds, raisins, seeds, Chinese medicine, sea rice, shrimp skin, clove fish. The sorting effects of malignant impurities such as glass, metal and homochromatic rods and special materials are very significant, reaching the international leading level.
The color sorter is mainly composed of a feeding system, an optical detecting system, a signal processing system, and a separate execution system. As a typical opto-mechatronics system, it involves innovation and application in various fields of opto-mechanical and soft, and the speed of upgrading is very fast. It is a typical innovative technology product.
Divided according to color selection materials:
(1) Rice color sorting machine
(2) Multigrain color sorting machine
(3) Dehydrated vegetable color sorting machine
(4) Tea color sorting machine
(5) Industrial color sorting machine
(6) Plastic material sorting machine
(7) Ore color sorter
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