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Blending machine is a new type of high-efficiency, fine container rotary and agitating mixing equipment for uniform mixing of various powdery and granular materials. It has a high degree of mixing, and even a small amount of ingredients can achieve a good degree of mixing.
A blending machine is a mechanical device that uniformly mixes two or more materials by mechanical force, gravity, and the like. In the process of mixing, it is also possible to increase the contact surface area of the material to promote the chemical reaction; it can also accelerate the physical change.
Commonly used blending machines are divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixers, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixers, powder and granular solid materials mixing machinery. Features
The blending machine has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, small power, safety and reliability, high mixing uniformity, no residue and good sealing. It is suitable for the mixing of powder additives and trace elements in many industries, clean and non-oxidizing.
The blending machine uses a mechanical seal, the powder does not leak, and the bearing has a long service life. The machine has high mixing efficiency, high work efficiency, low labor intensity and convenient operation. It can be used in magnetic powder, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other industries.
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