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Rice mills are mainly composed of fixed wrenches, tightened nut wrenches, brush, lower hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush and so on. The brown rice is peeled and whitened by the mechanical force of mechanical equipment, and the mechanical equipment used is called rice milling machine.
When brown rice flows from the hopper into the milling chamber, the brown rice is squeezed into the whitening chamber due to the internal pressure of the pressure and the mechanical force. After self-phase friction, and the rubbing between the brown rice and the grinding wheel, the rice mills can quickly remove the cortex of the brown rice and reach the grade whiteness measured by the white rice within the determined time.
There are three main types of small rice milling machines in China: separate rice milling machines, rice milling and rice milling machines, and air-type rice milling machines.
The split rice mill is easy to operate and has a low price, but the model is aging, and the milled rice is poor, and it has gradually been eliminated.
The rice milled rice machine has good processing quality, but its structure is complicated and the price is relatively expensive.
The spray type rice milling machine has a good cost performance, and can complete the shelling and whitening process at one time, and the processed finished rice is white and bright, and has become the mainstream product in the market in recent years.
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