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What Is The Classification Of Automatic Packing Machine

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc | Updated: May 30, 2018


Automatic packaging machine in the domestic market mainly bag-type, to bag-type, to three kinds of cans.

For your analysis of the three kinds of packaging machine differences and characteristics.

Bag-type automatic packaging machine is usually made of bag-making machine and weighing machine two parts, weighing machine can be weighing or screw-type, particles, powder materials can be packaged. The machine is the packaging film direct Bag, and in the process of bag-making to complete the measurement, filling, coding, cutting and other movements of automatic packaging equipment, packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum-platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, etc., characterized by high degree of automation, high price, good image, good security, suitable for washing powder, condiments,

Puffed food products such as small size, large quantities of automated packaging, the disadvantage is that the change in packaging specifications is not very convenient. Bag-type automatic packaging machine usually by the bag machine and weighing machine two parts, weighing machine can be weighing type can also be screw-type, particles, powder materials can be packaged. The working principle of the machine is to use the manipulator to take bag, open bag, bagging and seal of the user's prefabricated bag, and to complete the filling and coding functions under the coordinated control of the microcomputer, so as to realize the automatic packing of the prefabricated bag. Its characteristic is the manipulator replaces the artificial sleeve bag, may reduce the packing link the bacterium pollution effectively, simultaneously enhances the automation level, is suitable for the food, the condiment and so on small size large quantity automatic packing, the shortcoming is requests the precast bag to remove the static electricity, otherwise is easy to take the double bag and opens the bag

It is also inconvenient to change the packaging specifications. The tank-type automatic packing machine is mainly used in the automatic canning of the cup-shaped container such as iron cans and paper cans, and the whole machine is composed of three parts, such as the feeding tank machine, weighing machine and capping machine. The tank machine generally adopts the intermittent rotating mechanism, each rotating one station to the weighing machine to send a feed signal, complete a quantitative canned. Weighing machine can be weighing type can also be screw-type, particles, powder materials can be packaged. The upper cover machine is connected with the tank feeder through a conveyor belt, and the two are essentially stand-alone linkage, and the work is independent of each other.

The machine is mainly used for the automatic packaging of chicken essence, chicken powder, malteds, milk powder and other products, characterized by high degree of automation, less pollution links, high price, high efficiency and good image, the disadvantage is that the transformation specification is not convenient. In addition, there are sealing and shrinking equipment, filling lock capping machine, several pill machine, labeling machine, as well as special packaging equipment such as the three fields of Qingdao mask machine, eye film agent belong to the category of packaging machine. Below let us specifically understand these kinds of packaging machine characteristics and applications.