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Vacuum Packaging Machine Application Principle

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc | Updated: Jul 19, 2018

               Application principle: dried fruit {vacuum packaging machine} is the dried ginger fruit into the food vacuum bag, and then the food bag is placed on the vacuum packaging machine equipment and the air inside is taken out to reach the predetermined vacuum degree, and the sealing process is completed.

Application effect: The dried fruit packaged by the vacuum packaging machine will extend the shelf life of the dried fruit on the original basis to prevent dry deterioration, rot, mildew, peeling, cracking, etc. The dried fruit packaged by the vacuum packaging machine will look more beautiful. In order to make friends and relatives in the holiday season more upscale, the dried fruit packed in the vacuum packaging machine can be stored in the refrigerator to prevent the dried taste and odor, or can be flushed with nitrogen or other inert gas to further extend the gas shelf life.

Application: For items or foods that need to be preserved and preserved for a long time, such as: medical supplies, seafood, electronic components, mechanical components, grains, clothes, tea, sausage bacon, soy products, cooked food, etc.