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29th Harbin International Economic And Trade Fair

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

From June 15th to 19th, 2018, Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center will usher in the grand event - the 29th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair. The leader of the vacuum packaging industry - Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc will land on the Harbin meeting and bring The latest generation of rice vacuum packaging machines made a dazzling appearance and demonstrated the strong highlights of high quality and high output. We shared with you more new technologies and new techniques on the spot, and shared friendship!


The 29th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as Harbin Conference and Exhibition) is scheduled to be held at Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 15 to June 19, 2018. This year's Harbin Fair will be based on the theme of “introducing investments to promote consumption and escalating consumption”. It will closely focus on the development plan of “Building a window and building four districts”. It will be a combination of actual exhibitions, discussions, and talks to bring together open resources and establish rejuvenation. Develop good image and confidence. Jialong rice vacuum packing machine will not let you down.