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2018 International Grain And Oil Industry Expo

Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc | Updated: Jun 04, 2018

On May 26 to 28, 2018,Zhangzhou Jialong Technology showed a variety of smart rice vacuum packing machine on 2018 Shijiazhuang Cereals and Oils Industry Expo.


                      Jialong Marketing Center having interview

As an industry leading rice vacuum packaging machine manufacturer. What surprises Jialong Technology has brought us this time? Let's go to the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center exhibition to see it.

cube shape vacuum packing.JPG

                         Brick shape rice vacuum packing samples

Our Jialong rice vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing rice,beans,sugar,seeds and so on.Jialong rice vacuum packing enjoying a good reputation and high market share in and out of China. The model LZB-FR5, LZB-700-R7 can be found in almost every city. They because the standard of Chinese rice brick shape vacuum packing machine.